North Red Point Beach, Wester Ross

I always draw great inspiration from the sea, something about the coast soothe my soul. This beach reminds me of Balmedie beach in Aberdeenshire. After parking in the small car park, its a stroll over the dunes which opens up to the sweeping vista of pebble dotted red sand.

I have an immense sense of wonder when it comes to sand dunes.  They way the wind sculpts them from sand thats is freely blown and deposited creating great pyramids which double as fantastic vantage points to observe the view of Skye.  The rose coloured sand is a real contrast to the green and yellow grasses and azure sky and sea. There is a real feeling of isolation and seclusion here which is one of its main draws for me.  Just stunning!

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New Adventures in blogging

Hey, I’m Carol, new to this lark, but its been something I have been meaning to get on with for a wee while.  I love the outdoors and seeing new places which has inspired me to finally show some of my personal trips out and about.  Scotland will always be home and beautiful as it is, I am a fully fledged sun junkie.  I think it all stems from my parents who have encouraged us as children to spread our wings and travel to new places.  My parents are fully fledged heat seekers, probably as the average temperature here in The Granite City (Aberdeen) sit at a balmy 14 degrees celsius  (July is the hottest month in Aberdeen with an average temperature of 14°C (57°F) and the coldest is January at 3°C (37°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 6 in June.  Needless to say, I need a heat every now and again which is part of my motivation for jetting off every year for the annual dose of vitamin D.  The other reason I like to explore is my perpetual itchy feet.  Cabin fever sets in and I need to escape this corner of the world.  Its not that it’s not a beautiful part of the world to live in, it’s simply that there is so much out there and the internet now fuels my wanderlust. Hours can be lost on pinterest visually plotting my next adventure. Next to travelling comes food.  They go hand in hand in fact.  Theres not much I can’t stomach and i’m always on the look out for a new culinary experience to recreate at home.  My main career is as a family photographer but any free time is normally spent getting out and about in the local area with the family and my camera is normally in tow.  I hope to help inspire people to also get out and about and see what little gems are ready to be explored.

Thanks for visiting 🙂