Hopeman Bay, Moray

Easter 2017 started with a trip to Hopeman to pick up a VW camper from Moray Firth Campers to head off to do a bit of the NC500.  I never need an excuse to visit this beach as its one of my favourites on the Moray Firth Coast.  These beautifully decorated beach huts are one of the reasons this beach is so special.  Each one is lovingly decorated and personalised and adds a pop of colour to the golden sands and dunes. This beach reminds me of summer holidays to my Aunties house in Eastbourne which was a stones throw from a pebble covered beach just like this but without the dunes.  Maybe this is why I love the beach so much, happy times!1R5A8532-Edit-Edit1R5A8534-Edit1R5A8536-Edit1R5A8527-Edit1R5A8530-Edit-Edit1R5A8524-Edit1R5A8525-Edit1R5A8544-Edit


Glen Tanar, Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire

A day out of the office today to stretch the legs and get the 10,000 steps in, which can be a challenge some days.  Great company and a picnic packed from a take out from spider on a bicycle in Aboyne and we were all set.  There a few walking routes in the Glen Tanar Estate so off we set.  Such a beautiful tranquil location and such a stunning reflective pool.  Here are a few pictures of the day and hooray! 10075 stepsGlen Tanar NE250-30Glen Tanar NE250-28Glen Tanar NE250-29Glen Tanar NE250-25Glen Tanar NE250-27Glen Tanar NE250-26Glen Tanar NE250-22Glen Tanar NE250-24Glen Tanar NE250-23Glen Tanar NE250-18Glen Tanar NE250-21Glen Tanar NE250-20Glen Tanar NE250-19Glen Tanar NE250-16Glen Tanar NE250-17Glen Tanar NE250-14Glen Tanar NE250-15Glen Tanar NE250-13Glen Tanar NE250-11Glen Tanar NE250-12Glen Tanar NE250-9Glen Tanar NE250-10Glen Tanar NE250-7Glen Tanar NE250-8Glen Tanar NE250-5Glen Tanar NE250-6Glen Tanar NE250-4Glen Tanar NE250-2Glen Tanar NE250-3Glen Tanar NE250

Loch Ewe, Wester Ross

A glorious day for exploring round  Loch Ewe and Poolewe and Aultbea and  Rua Reidh Lighthouse.  I have a thing about red rusty buildings and these look beautiful nestled into the landscape contrasting with the blue skies

_MG_3552 copy 2_MG_3557-2 copy_MG_3555 copy_MG_3589 copyIMG_6514 copyIMG_6511 copyIMG_6486 copyIMG_6475 copyIMG_6361 copyIMG_6284 copy

Drawing Saltires in the sky

IMG_6281 copy

Built in 1912 by David A Stevenson, Rua Reidh Lighthouse, stands at the entrance to Loch Ewe

IMG_6221 copyIMG_6227 copyIMG_6205 copyIMG_6199 copyIMG_6055 copy

Rubha Nan Sasan, Wester Ross

I am always fascinated to find these desolate places with crumbling pill boxes and WW2 defences.  This was originally built in 1941 and used until 1944 by the Royal Artillery. Its was used a departure point for convoys to Russia. Cove Battery


_MG_3559 copy_MG_3582 copy_MG_3581 copy

Aultbea also has a NATO base and large ships and submarines often come inshore to refuel here.

IMG_6482 copyIMG_6187 copy

Mellon Udrigle, Wester Ross

Mellon Udrigle So far, my favourite beach in this corner of the earth.  Crystal clear water and sparking white sand. Astounding views across the Minch to Coigach, the Summer Isles and Assynt. In some ways I am glad we have the climate we do in Scotland otherwise these beaches would be packed and over-run with tourists which would spoil their natural beauty.  I will definitely be back…

_MG_3457 copy_MG_3438 copy 3_MG_3451 copy_MG_3445 copy_MG_3442 copy_MG_3397 copy_MG_3401 copy_MG_3431 copy_MG_3476 copy

Sunsets over Sands at Gairloch

I have never been much of a happy camper.  I like my comforts too much.  Caravanning and sleeping in the back of a van on a futon is about as low as I go.  I was mentally scarred by a trip to the lake district in a meagre excuse for a tent which has meant the experience has never been repeated.  Each to their own and you never know, with the right arm twisting and a sleeping bag of about 40 tog and you might get me sleeping under the stars once again.  However my static caravan at Sands caravan and camping site in Gairloch is a thing of camping dreams.  Sands camping

Whats not to love, the window frames the view which is pretty spectacular of honey coloured dunes and purple and pink skies.  The perfect view of the Torridon Mountain Range and the Isle of Skye are quite special too.

Nothing like sitting on the deck of the caravan with a glass of wine to unwind, daughter running wild in the dunes, family holiday heaven.

IMG_6040 copy

This sunset is definitely a spectators sport

IMG_6176 copyIMG_6100 copyIMG_6136 copy_MG_3291 copy

Last fleeting rays of the day

_MG_3276-Edit copyIMG_5705 copy

IMG_5996 copyIMG_6421 copyIMG_6364 copy_MG_3162 copy_MG_3202 copy_MG_3236 copy_MG_3358 copy_MG_3395 copy_MG_3277 copy_MG_3279 copy

_MG_3168-Edit copy

North Red Point Beach, Wester Ross

I always draw great inspiration from the sea, something about the coast soothe my soul. This beach reminds me of Balmedie beach in Aberdeenshire. After parking in the small car park, its a stroll over the dunes which opens up to the sweeping vista of pebble dotted red sand.

I have an immense sense of wonder when it comes to sand dunes.  They way the wind sculpts them from sand thats is freely blown and deposited creating great pyramids which double as fantastic vantage points to observe the view of Skye.  The rose coloured sand is a real contrast to the green and yellow grasses and azure sky and sea. There is a real feeling of isolation and seclusion here which is one of its main draws for me.  Just stunning!

_MG_3669 copy_MG_3661 copy_MG_3658 copy_MG_3631 copy

Little Gruinard Beach Wester Ross

The spectacular Sail Mhor (767m) and Sgurr Fiona  1060m (An Teallach)  on route to  Gruinard Bay.  Today I am bagging Monroes through my camera only!

_MG_3539 copy

_MG_3538 copy

I love a beach and this is a belter.  Glorious pink sand as far as the eye can see.  These steps  are welcoming me down.

_MG_3480 copy_MG_3524 copy_MG_3506 copy

Gruinard Island opposite the bay where scientists experimented with anthrax in 1942 as they were worried about an impeding biological attack from the Germans.  Despite attempts to disinfect Gruinard Island, the spores left by the experiments kept the island in quarantine for 48 years. In 1990, the Defence Minister, Michael Neubert, declared there was no longer a risk to health and removed the warning sign.  Think I might just admire the view rather than visit

_MG_3501 copy_MG_3504 copy

Road bridge over the Inverianvie River

_MG_3488 copy

Little Gruinard River flows from Fionn Loch to Gruinard Bay. This is the boundary point between Gairloch and Loch Broom parishes. This area has been granted a special area of conservation because of the great Atlantic Salmon found here


_MG_3489 copy

_MG_3515 copy

_MG_3546 copy_MG_3523 copy

Just a glorious viewpoint of one of my new favourite beaches

_MG_3534 copy

Badachro, Wester Ross

Such an Idyllic place for a spot of lunch just three miles south of Gairloch.  The Badachro Inn complete with own jetty and sun deck in this sheltered cove was todays refuel stop. Think we’ll make use of the deck. The local haul here tends to be lobsters, crabs and prawns.  Yum!


IMG_5820 copy

IMG_6275 copy

IMG_6537 copy

IMG_5824 copyIMG_5828 copyIMG_5841 copy

IMG_5838 copy

Love these majestic craggy trees looking over the headland

IMG_5874 copy

What is the fascination for collecting old telephone boxes in your garden?

IMG_5861 copy

IMG_5867 copy

Slioch best viewed from Loch Maree


Unfortunately no time today for a 9 mile hike and the daughter might protest, another time…

IMG_5906 copy

The view from Glen Docherty to Loch Maree

_MG_3733 copy