Balmedie beach, Aberdeenshire

Pillboxes hiding in the dunes

It’s fair to say this beach is our local go to. Before the AWPR (Aberdeen’s western peripheral route) was built it used to take about 40 mins to get here. Quick beach trips meant Aberdeen was more accessible but now they are much the same, about 25 minutes away which is magic for quick adventures and a blow of fresh sea air.

Balmedie always wins for me but it depends what your purpose is. It’s a wild beach, no lifesavers and the natural beauty is the pull. There are limited facilities at Balmedie. You need to bring your own food and drink for a day here. However there are bbq’s for rent or bring your own. Picnic benches are dotted about or find a neuk in the dunes and set up a sheltered spot. Grab a coffee on route on in the village. The community project may be open but has been affected since the corona virus so check ahead. There are toilets and a play park and boardwalk accessible paths through the dune system. New paths and routes are now signed but it’s up to you to make your own entertainment. You will often find kids careering down the dunes or running in and out of the sea or perfect for blowy strolls by the sea or elevated roaming in the more sheltered dunes

Today we followed the ice house path
The ice house
Dunes and wetlands
Marram grasses and dunes
This place never fails to lift my mood
Perfect triangles
Today the beach was full of wild debris after a storm
Just the three of us
Lots of driftwood to admire today
The inlets today were full immersed so it was looking like we couldn’t walk the full length. Definitely should have wellies in the car
Deciding whether there were opportunities to get over on tidal waves
The answer was safe passage was possible without shoes
Some of us got caught out but a sneaky wave coming in from the side
Sun setting and time to hit the road. Until next time

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