Stonehaven, Cowie and the cliffs along the highland boundary fault line

2021 started for many with a hefty dose of home schooling. We were no exception to this. Science for our 14 year old was all about rock typology, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. I can honestly say I have acquired new skills due to covid in rock classification, who knew! The reason for this introduction is I had no idea that 20 minutes away from my house is the Highland Boundary fault line which divides the boundary between lowland and highland Scotland all the way from Bute in the West, to Craigeven Bay in the East, north of Stonehaven, and head off under the North Sea at Garron Point.

During the continental collision that formed the Caledonian mountains, the main plates collided at an angle, forming a major tear in the Earth’s crust – the Highland Boundary Fault. Dalradian rocks were originally layers of sediment deposited 800 million to 500 million years ago at the edge of the Iapetus Ocean, where two sets of rocks began to slide past each other in response to the extreme compressional forces. The Highland Boundary Fault marks the distinctive change from Lowland to Highland scenery.

Driving to the coast today, we didn’t really have a plan. Its a well visited area for us which inevitably involves ice cream from Aunty betty’s or Giulianotti’s and treks along the board-walk to towards Dunnotter Castle. Every day for the last year we have walked our local area and fatigue is setting in. No-one is able to suggest where to go for the day without someone groaning “we always go there” “that’s a long walk” etc….

This last period of isolation has lead us to exploring parts of the coast we haven’t ventured to, so today we went left at the outdoor pool and started wandering towards the old village of Cowie.

Cowie Village Stonehaven
Rod had popped in for a sing song at Cowie
Fishing village of Cowie
The coastal path is badly eroded in parts. Good walking shoes are essential and stay away from the edges
Sedimentary rocks and wave cut platform
Looking back towards Stonehaven
Younger sedimentary old Red sandstone
Craigeven Bay
Beautiful Stonehaven golf club
The path swoops under the viaduct to the Den of Cowie
Heading to Skatie Shore
Old WW2 sea defences
Skatie shore
Looking over the Highland Border Complex rock formations
Granite formations
Perthumie bay
Garron point
Highland boundary fault
The landscape is suddenly very different
Hidden rock pools
The point
Scenic golf course
So many pretty coves only available by foot
Stonehaven hill

One of the many sections of the coast visited in the last few months. I aim to get them all uploaded soon… watch this space

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