Muchalls Coast

We drive past signs for these coastal hamlets on the main road to Aberdeen but have never veered off to explore the until today. As a project, we decided to try and visit as much of the coast as we could and hopefully it will all link up and we will have walked most of it. Today’s stretch was Muchalls to Halls bay

A commemorative stone dedicated in August 1919 upon signing of the peace treaty between the victorious allies and Germany on 28 June 1919. This line transported men from the towns and the villages of Aberdeenshire to the front lines of France and Belgium.
We went right from the plaque as the cliff path was badly eroded and closed and followed a path leading through a field
Muchalls stack or old man of Muchalls
Wish I had wellies on! Guaranteed to slip
Ophelias pool, drowning of Ophelia in France Zeffirelli’s film of Hamlet
Path to Muchalls shore
Muchalls shore

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