Slains Castle, Cruden bay, Aberdeenshire

Slains Castle played muse to the author Bram Stoker in 1895 whilst he was staying in Cruden Bay writing Dracula.

A short walk from the car park takes you to the magnificent cliff top ruins of this once epic castle. You can wander around inside and even, slightly edgy, climb some of the towers. You can get some amazing views of this lovely coastline 

The new Slains Castle occupied a position on which an old castle stood, overlooking Cruden Bay. It was transformed in 1837 rebuilt in the Baronial style. It was used until 1916 when a ship owner Sir John Ellerman bought it and made changes to it and removed the roof in 1925. Several plans were drafted to turn it into tourist accommodation in the 1980’s but it still remains a ruin.

There are regularly accidents here and it is not advised to climb on the structure as demonstrated here.
Strolls on the neighbouring Cruden Bay beach
Model village by an enthusiast in Cruden bay

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