Monterosso Al Mare, The Cinque Terre

From the collective of villages now considered a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Monterosso Al Mare is the largest village in the Cinque Terre, and boasts over its neighbours, beautiful reefs, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.

The village is separated into two halves by the old tower of Aurora. Fegina, thrives on tourism and is evident by the abundance of restaurants and hotels.

To find the old town of Monterosso, exit the tunnel or climb around a path on the hillside to emerge at the scenic Borgo Antico. Pull up at the piazza to just sit & watch the day go by.

Lunch was an all consuming thing! Stomach got in the way of mind and ordered half the menu. Anti pasta misto, Muscoli ripieni – stuffed mussels, Ligurian spaghetti al pesto, Fritto misto. Long walk and snooze required

A statue at the end of Fegina beach of Neptune from 1910 is visible by the architect Levacher Minerbi, it is 14 metres high and cast in concrete and iron. Unfortunately he has some war wounds and damage from the elements and has lost his trident and arms

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