Manarola, The Cinque Terre

Why is Italy so beautiful? In particular the picture postcard perfect Italian Riveira and notably The Cinque Terre. Five villages perched precariously and dangling to the elements of the Mediterranean sea. Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso are the famous five and best reached by train. There are various hiking routes between villages (maybe next time) or you can opt to visit a few by train like we did. It can be extremely crowded in summer but off season it was much quieter. My disappointment in the weather didn’t do this beautiful corner of the Earth much justice, sun you failed me today.

The local Grapevines seen on the hillside surrounding Manarola are the product of the local wine Sciacchetrà

Grab a gelato and wander the cobbles taking in the colourful houses stacked on the cliffs

When you disembark the train you can go to the left and towards the sea or go right and venture up the steep hill towards the the piazza della chiesa, the village church is there as well as spectacular views down through the village. From here meander down towards the sea then leisurely stroll to Punta Bonfiglio, the path at the right which heads up the cliff to allow you to capture that picture perfect postcard image of the village.

It’s all in the details here too, lots of intricate seaside designs woven into the fabric of this village by the sea.

The next stop beckons, Vernazza here we come…

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