A day trip to Genoa. Genoa was one of Italy’s largest maritime strongholds along with Venice. The port today is still thriving with container shipping and tourism through cruises. Genoa differs from many Italian cities, such as Florence and Venice as it is not cursed with throngs of tourists and list of must see attractions. Our daughter decided that today we would skip the tour of the city and focus on the stuff that looked exciting when you are 9.

First stop, The Acquario di Genova was built celebrating the anniversary of the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus for Expo 92, it is situated at the the Porto Antico (the old port). It claims to be the biggest aquarium in Europe. Depending what ticket you buy, you can visit the biosphere and Galata Museo del Mare too, so we were under no illusion what the day would entail.

The aquarium was pretty good as it turns out, the usual suspects, dolphins, rays, sharks, molluscs and lots of pretty fish. A Deep Sea Room, equipped with virtual reality headsets to learn about life in the dark depths of the sea. There are eight seats and Samsung VR technology to get fully immersed.

La Bolla is the glass sphere (biosphere) behind the aquarium. Slightly underwhelming but we saw a Scarlet Ibis, A turtle, diamond mandarins, a weaver bird, and some exotic plants.

Galata Museo del Mare, is an impressive galleon from the outside. Inside there are exhibits about the migration process in the early 20th century. Life at sea and wooden ship models, for an extra fee there is a submarine you can board.

The attention grabbing sight of dinosaurs from Jurassic world was too much temptation so next stop a visit to Cine Ciak – Museo Internazionale del Cinema. This is a small museum with a collection of film memorabilia. Our daughter loved it

A walk around the fountain and Piazza de Ferrari, a wander by Via Garibaldi and we were done. The daughter has a fab day

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