Côte d’Azur – Monaco and Eze

A day trip galavanting along the French Riviera towards Monaco. Looking out across the glittering Mediterranean twenty kilometres east of Nice is the municipality of Monaco. The second smallest independent state after the Vatican but no less ostentatious.  An area favoured by the world’s glitterati.



First a stop to Fragonard a perfume and soap factory.

Since the 18th century,  Grasse, became known as the perfume capital of the world.  A perfect micro-climate for growing botanicals and aromatics such as lavender and jasmine enabled a thriving perfume trade.


Next stop a dander round the medieval village of Eze. Spiraling upwards as far as the clouds (well it felt like that whilst negotiating the cobbled stones in wedges) the village is a labyrinth of higgledy piggledy narrow streets and secret passages.


The shops are eclectic and the price tags equally set for the jetset. The houses are gloriously quaint, enough to be charming and easy on the eye and swaddled by blooms.Eze-18Eze-22Eze-19

The sculptures of  women dotted along the way remind me of The Norman Lindsay Gallery in the Blue mountains NSW.


The golden gates of The Château de La Chèvre d’Or.  Notions of grandeur may be glimpsed through these gates and golden sculptures of lions and antelope and flashy cars prevail, but the gate was as far as we got.

Next stop the Millionaires playground that is Monaco, for some the epitome of the glamorous life.  Yachts as far as the eye can see and stacked up buildings perched into the bay.


Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s yellow Submarine  is displayed outside the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. It dates from 1966 and for some reason I couldn’t pass without a chorus of that famous 60’s song of the same nameMonaco-2MonacoMonaco-5

Grace kelly’s resting place




Second F1 race course I have been to, although no racing today at Fairmont corner


Following in Bond’s footsteps for a cheeky flutter. Well 10 euros for a browse and well needed visit to WC.


Monaco today is a major tourist draw. The sun always has its hat on and the sea such an amazing shade of azure.  A place to visit and daydream of celebrity elegance and opulence and Roger Moore



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