Amsterdam like a local

I have a rule about not going back to a place once I have visited.  Amsterdam is the only exception.  I get twitchy if I don’t get a yearly visit in.  it helps that my best friends live there so there is always an excuse to pop over.  Aberdeen will always be home but Amsterdam is what makes my soul sing.  Over the last 24 years I have photographed the city but this time on my last visit in November 2017 I decided to do it only on my bike, just for kicks and a different perspective on the city.  In Amsterdam, “getting on yer bike’ is the norm and the dutch do it well.  Designated cycle routes means it is safe but you still have to negotiate pedestrians, trams, cars, taxis, vespas, and crowds of tourists, normally unaware that bikes have right of way.  Dinner at the Lobby, yum, but again on the bike and a wee bit soggy by the time we got there.  Over the years I have mastered cycling after a few wines, so its the perfect way to get home.  I love random cycling round the city and the different districts.  Here is a few pictures over the couple of days.  (there are a few in the pub but I left the bike outside)Amsterdam-139

The Lobby  Great Roe Deer!


The New Lake (De Nieuwe Meer) has several  popular marinas used by yachtsmen and fishermen, a lively summer hotspot.  In summer you can catch a ferry to the Amsterdam Forest. AmsterdamseBos De Nieuwe Meer is located between Amsterdam and Schiphol in the south.Amsterdam-2Amsterdam-4

ING building. This boot shaped building was designed by Roberto Meyer and Jeroen van Schooten and opened in 2002


On the banks of the Nieuwe Meer restaurant Het Bosch


I love all the quirky bridges.  This one is along the Schinkel


1928 Olympic stadium over the canal


The Cow Project, butchers and deli and fashioning a cool BBQ out front


Ahhh the Vondel Park, a must on all visits to the Dam.  Today a quick cycle through, although the perfect place to hang out in the summer and picnic and catch the rays.  Over 12 million visitors each year frequent its 120 acres


Russian-American artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov were commissioned to make this work named How to Meet an Angel. The monument depicts a man on the top rung of an extensive ladder at a critical moment in life reaching for a guardian angel


Watch out for the trams! They are bigger than youAmsterdam-21

Drie heertjes in gesprek, three men, sitting high up on red stools, chatting away . You’ll find it at the market of Ten Katemarkt, in Amsterdam Oud West. The Ten Katemarkt is the market where locals get their fruits, veggies, fish and bread.  You often find moggies in restaurants and shops too.  At home we have to pay to stroke cats in cafes, but not here!


All that cycling means time for a break Amsterdam Food Hall


The gins are luring us…


Lots of cool places to grab some food


Ohhhh, a thing of beauty! I am lusting after this bike


Film Hall Housed in the old tram sheds with nine screens and some 800 chairs, De Filmhallen is the largest independent cinema in the Netherlands. I love a proper picture house.



Rijksmuseum The Rijksmuseum’s is located in the city’s Museumplein (Museum Square)  it opened in 1885 as the largest museum in the Netherlands. It reopened in April 2013 after 10 years of restoration ensuring that the Rijksmuseum is one of the most modern ‘old’ museums in the world.  Check out the old dutch masters here, including Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch


Outside is the I Amsterdam letters.  Perfect for striking a pose on


Cycle under the Rijksmuseum and up towards the heart of the city


In 2010 the Grachtengordel (Canal Ring) became a Unesco World Heritage Site. This area looks like a horseshoe,  made up of the city’s original canal, the Singel, and the Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht. It begins at Centraal Station  until it meets the River Amstel. The four parallel canals are laced together with narrow streets filled with eclectic shops, cafés and restaurants.




Old white wooden drawbridge where Amstel river meets Nieuwe Herengracht canal.  One of my favourites from first being here in 1994


The Skinny Bridge (Magere Brug), in the distance is probably Amsterdam’s most famous bridge. The white and wooden bridge crosses the river Amstel.  It features in Bonds Diamonds Are Forever


If stopping to admire the view, watch out for the street sweeper, he shows no mercy!


The Stopera is located in the center of Amsterdam at a bend of the Amstel River between Waterlooplein Square and the Zwanenburgwal Canal which was reclaimed in the 16th century.

Located on Amsterdam’s Waterlooplein, the Mozes en Aäronkerk (Moses and Aaron Church)



I have spent many hours on the bak of a bike just like her


The Banksy exhibition at Moco is definitely worth a visit if you like his work, lucky to see Roy Lichtenstein Lasting Influence here too


Houseboat museum on Prinsengracht


5 statues of Jordaan singers located on Johnny Jordaanplein, Johnny Jordaan, Tante Leen, Johnny Meyer, Manke Nelis and Jan & Mien.


The Mount from Prinsengracht





Skirting the redlight along Damstraat


Alternative route required


Legendary nights out have been had here, back in the nineties when Irish pubs were a thing. The mother of all bar tabs was racked up here


Spui with its crazy trees


The best frites Must try these in Amsterdam and I have been eating them for 24 years so I should know.  Add your sauce and onion if you wish.  Sate and mayo is my go to.  You will need to queue, but its worth the effort


Tweede Kamer  (or Second Living room) 20’s apothecary style.  Oh we’ve had some nights!


Partial to chocolate on your toast in the morning, i’ve never been a fan but if it is your thing then here is for you Hagelswag 


The 9 Streets perfect collection of all lovely things shopping and eating wise


Heading home via Leidseplein, the main square


Max Euweplein, Max Euwe was a Dutch chess player so to honour him they built a square with a big chess board.  Arans Irish Pub here used to do a great fry up for sore heads


Watch out for those pesky trams


This amused me greatly for some reason



Back along Beethovenstraat, always pretty this time of year.


Back in Amsterdam zuid where every year a new and wacky building has appeared, return the bikes  Blacks bikes and back on the train to Schiphol until next time



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