Glen Tanar, Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire

Glen Tanar NE250-30

A day out of the office today to stretch the legs and get the 10,000 steps in, which can be a challenge some days.  Great company and a picnic packed from a take out from spider on a bicycle in Aboyne and we were all set.  There a few walking routes in the Glen Tanar Estate so off we set.  Such a beautiful tranquil location and such a stunning reflective pool.  Here are a few pictures of the day and hooray! 10075 stepsGlen Tanar NE250-28Glen Tanar NE250-29Glen Tanar NE250-25Glen Tanar NE250-27Glen Tanar NE250-26Glen Tanar NE250-22Glen Tanar NE250-24Glen Tanar NE250-23Glen Tanar NE250-18Glen Tanar NE250-21Glen Tanar NE250-20Glen Tanar NE250-19Glen Tanar NE250-16Glen Tanar NE250-17Glen Tanar NE250-14Glen Tanar NE250-15Glen Tanar NE250-13Glen Tanar NE250-11Glen Tanar NE250-12Glen Tanar NE250-9Glen Tanar NE250-10Glen Tanar NE250-7Glen Tanar NE250-8Glen Tanar NE250-5Glen Tanar NE250-6Glen Tanar NE250-4Glen Tanar NE250-2Glen Tanar NE250-3Glen Tanar NE250

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