Hopeman Bay, Moray

Easter 2017 started with a trip to Hopeman to pick up a VW camper from Moray Firth Campers to head off to do a bit of the NC500.  I never need an excuse to visit this beach as its one of my favourites on the Moray Firth Coast.  These beautifully decorated beach huts are one of the reasons this beach is so special.  Each one is lovingly decorated and personalised and adds a pop of colour to the golden sands and dunes. This beach reminds me of summer holidays to my Aunties house in Eastbourne which was a stones throw from a pebble covered beach just like this but without the dunes.  Maybe this is why I love the beach so much, happy times!1R5A8532-Edit-Edit1R5A8534-Edit1R5A8536-Edit1R5A8527-Edit1R5A8530-Edit-Edit1R5A8524-Edit1R5A8525-Edit1R5A8544-Edit


Glen Tanar, Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire

A day out of the office today to stretch the legs and get the 10,000 steps in, which can be a challenge some days.  Great company and a picnic packed from a take out from spider on a bicycle in Aboyne and we were all set.  There a few walking routes in the Glen Tanar Estate so off we set.  Such a beautiful tranquil location and such a stunning reflective pool.  Here are a few pictures of the day and hooray! 10075 stepsGlen Tanar NE250-30Glen Tanar NE250-28Glen Tanar NE250-29Glen Tanar NE250-25Glen Tanar NE250-27Glen Tanar NE250-26Glen Tanar NE250-22Glen Tanar NE250-24Glen Tanar NE250-23Glen Tanar NE250-18Glen Tanar NE250-21Glen Tanar NE250-20Glen Tanar NE250-19Glen Tanar NE250-16Glen Tanar NE250-17Glen Tanar NE250-14Glen Tanar NE250-15Glen Tanar NE250-13Glen Tanar NE250-11Glen Tanar NE250-12Glen Tanar NE250-9Glen Tanar NE250-10Glen Tanar NE250-7Glen Tanar NE250-8Glen Tanar NE250-5Glen Tanar NE250-6Glen Tanar NE250-4Glen Tanar NE250-2Glen Tanar NE250-3Glen Tanar NE250