Sunsets over Sands at Gairloch

I have never been much of a happy camper.  I like my comforts too much.  Caravanning and sleeping in the back of a van on a futon is about as low as I go.  I was mentally scarred by a trip to the lake district in a meagre excuse for a tent which has meant the experience has never been repeated.  Each to their own and you never know, with the right arm twisting and a sleeping bag of about 40 tog and you might get me sleeping under the stars once again.  However my static caravan at Sands caravan and camping site in Gairloch is a thing of camping dreams.  Sands camping

Whats not to love, the window frames the view which is pretty spectacular of honey coloured dunes and purple and pink skies.  The perfect view of the Torridon Mountain Range and the Isle of Skye are quite special too.

Nothing like sitting on the deck of the caravan with a glass of wine to unwind, daughter running wild in the dunes, family holiday heaven.

IMG_6040 copy

This sunset is definitely a spectators sport

IMG_6176 copyIMG_6100 copyIMG_6136 copy_MG_3291 copy

Last fleeting rays of the day

_MG_3276-Edit copyIMG_5705 copy

IMG_5996 copyIMG_6421 copyIMG_6364 copy_MG_3162 copy_MG_3202 copy_MG_3236 copy_MG_3358 copy_MG_3395 copy_MG_3277 copy_MG_3279 copy

_MG_3168-Edit copy

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